Large Whales

Dolphins and porpoises


All five species of sea turtles found along the Atlantic coast are endangered, and therefore protected under the Endangered Species Act. 

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There are many different shark species that can be found in the waters of the North Atlantic. Two of the larger species are basking and white sharks.

Basking Sharks

Basking sharks are plankton feeders and often swim slowly with open mouths while filtering their prey. They can reach lengths of up to 25 feet!

White Sharks

Cape Cod is an aggregation site for great white sharks, presenting an opportunity to advance our knowledge of the species through research. Scientists from the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy are conducting a number of studies to learn more about great white shark behavior and movements in the Northwest Atlantic. To see where great white sharks have been sighted or to report your own sighting, download the free Sharktivity App.