North Atlantic Right Whale

North Atlantic Right Whale.  Photo:  WDC
North Atlantic Right Whale. Photo: WDC
  •  Scientific Name: Eubalaena glacialis
  • Length: 45 – 55 feet
  • Weight: up to 70 tons
  • Worldwide Population: approx. 400
  • Status: Critically endangered. Boats may not approach within 500 yards of a right whale.
  • Description:  Large, dark whale with a broad back and no dorsal fin. The lower jaw line is strongly arched and callosities are visible on the head. Callosities are roughened dark tissue covered with cyamids (small, light-colored crustaceans) that give the head a white, bumpy, appearance. Typically flukes (lifts the tail above the water surface) prior to a sounding dive. Flukes are all black with a smooth edge. Distinctive V-shaped spout.
North Atlantic right whale. Photo: NOAA
 Photo: NOAANorth Atlantic Right Whale.  Photo: NOAA Photo: NOAA
right_whale_v-blow NOAA
Photo: NOAA

All images taken in accordance with 500 yard approach restriction regulations or NOAA Permit.