Frequently Asked Questions

⛔MYTH #1: If there is a whale nearby, I will see it.

FACT: Ocean conditions, whale behavior, and boat speed can impact whale detectability.

⛔MYTH #2: Whales will hear me coming and get out of the way to avoid my vessel.

✅FACT: It can be difficult for whales to identify the source and direction of sound underwater.

MYTH #3: I boat/sail inshore, I don’t need to worry about whales because they are primarily offshore.

✅FACT: Whales go where the food is and in some places, whales are spending time within 1-2 miles of the coastline!

⛔MYTH #4: I have a small boat, so I will not harm a large whale if I encounter one. 

FACT: Boats of any size can injure a whale.

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