Resources for Sharing the Seas: Whale Conservation & Awareness

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To Report Injured, Dead or Entangled Marine Mammals and Sea Turtles in the Northeast US (Maine-Virginia), call NOAA’s hotline: 1-866- 755-6622. Other regions click here for hotline information. NOTE: sightings may always be reported to the US Coast Guard via VHF Ch. 16


Links to North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium Education Resources

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Watch: The Journey of a Right Whale (7 min) 

North Atlantic Right Whale Dockside informational Panel For more information or to request a sign, contact Christin Khan, NOAA NE Fisheries Science Center:


  • WhaleAlert by NOAA Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary, IFAW, Conserve.iO


For whale information:

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For boating information:

Informationen zu Walen und Delfinen im Mittelmeer, sind hier auf Deutsch zum Download erhältlich.//Any sailors transiting the Mediterranean wanting additional information in German, click here for a downloadable guide.

For marine debris information:



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