Why don’t whales get out of the way? – Hakai Magazine

“It will ultimately be up to humans, not whales, to prevent strikes. ‘There haven’t been giant objects steaming through the ocean at 20 to 30 knots until very recent times,’ says Calambokidis.”

Protecting marine mammals while enjoying our oceans – 11th Hour Racing Team

“Colliding with anything when racing is worrying for any sailor, but what’s perhaps more worrying is the fact that a collision happened at all. Our oceans shouldn’t be full of marine debris, but they should be full of marine wildlife. It’s our role as sailors – stewards of the ocean – to treat this natural space and its biodiversity with respect, protecting it as best we can.”

New technology may help boats prevent collisions at sea, including those with marine mammals.

OSCAR’s aim is to prevent a collision with any of the many potential threats a vessel can encounter at sea, be they other vessels, unidentified floating objects such as logs, buoys or containers, as well as sleeping sea mammals, any of which could put a skipper out of the race…or worse. In practice, OSCAR instantly alerts the skipper of any potential danger and indicates the position of that threat on a dedicated map.

Hello, 911? There’s a whale under my boat

In a video that has circulated widely, a man behind the camera — let’s refer to him as the dad, as others on board the boat did — tries to calm his increasingly panicked family members as three humpback whales surround their watercraft.

A close call between a sailboat and a humpback whale in San Francisco Bay

A passenger aboard the San Francisco Whale Tours vessel ‘Kitty Kat’ filmed a close encounter between a humpback whale and a boat Saturday. Fortunately the humpback whale was not struck by the boat, and no one was injured during the ordeal.

Two Boats Collide With Whales in Monterey Bay

Passengers on two boats in Monterey Bay had a scare when the vessels had separate collisions with whales just minutes apart.A boat colliding with a whale on Monterey Bay is rare. Two boats colliding with two whales on the same day is unheard of. It might have to do with the ongoing feeding frenzy in Monterey Bay.

Choking on plastic, findings reveal 

Determining the prevalence of plastic along the course was an aspect of the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race, with the findings providing a baseline for the amount of the debris, and in what regions it is most prevalent. As anticipated, the oceans are choking in plastic.

Vestas 11th Hour Racing team encounters feeding whales during Volvo Ocean Race

Drone footage shows feeding whales a distance from the boat on Leg 4 from Melbourne to Hong Kong.

California requires boater safety examinations 

As of January 1, 2018, the mandatory boating safety education law goes into effect, and will be phased in by age. If you operate any type of motorized vessel on California waterways (including powered sailboats/paddlecraft), you will be required to pass an approved boating safety examination and carry a lifetime California Boater Card.

Volvo Ocean Race team attends seminar on climate change, ocean health, and environmental responsibility

Crew members of Vestas 11th Hour Racing gathered in Cambridge for a special event: with just 30 days until the start of the race, not only is the team training to win the Volvo Ocean Race, they are also training to be the most environmentally sustainable team to have ever competed in this legendary and grueling race around the world.

Whale barely dodges oncoming sailboat near Golden Gate Bridge

It was a close call for a humpback whale in the San Francisco Bay on Saturday. Video taken from the Golden Gate Bridge by Lauri Duke shows the whale rolling out of the way as the boat approached.

British sailors rescued after collision with a whale

Three Brits have been rescued in the Atlantic after their yacht smashed into a whale and started leaking water. The unnamed Brits, aged 41 to 61, immediately called the coast guard to say the hull was punctured and they were about to abandon ship.

New ‘sister sanctuary’ agreement protects whales from New England to the Caribbean

A new “sister sanctuary” agreement signed this spring between NOAA and the government of The Netherlands adds to a network of marine protected areas stretching from New England to the Caribbean Sea, and now provides refuge for North Atlantic humpback whales at both ends of their 3,000-mile annual migration.


Just a month after the start of the Vendée Globe, on 6th December in the middle of the Indian Ocean to the north of the Crozet Islands, Kito de Pavant and his Bastide Otio hit an unidentified floating object.

vendee globe


In the Vendee Globe, 21,638 miles of ocean sailing presents hidden dangers for the sailors and their boats.